Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sewing Project Update

Well it's been a month since I set out on my two month journey to sew two pillows and two dresses. I am happy to report that the two pillows are done. Super easy to do. All I did was measure a little wider than the pillows I was covering, fold the edges inside, iron and then sew around the outside. Done! Here's the result.

The dresses on the other hand have proven to be a little more difficult. I was going to make my own patterns (way more daunting than I had anticipated), but thankfully my mom had some old patterns that I think will work for at least the base of each dress.
This will be the base of the origially red dress that will be the flowery material. The neckline will be different but the shape is similar. 

This will be the plaid material dress. I need this pattern for the top part but the bottom will be straight instead of the traditional flare. 

Well that's the update. I'm not confident I will have both dresses done but I'm hopefully I can at least get one finished. That's all for now. The bear is ready for a diaper change and a nap!

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