Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Motherhood of the Traveling Diapers

Cloth diapering on the go was a S-U-C-C-E-S-S! I was able to wash on Thursday and Saturday so the longest we went without washing was two days. Not bad! I was a little nervous with the bear having started solids the week before traveling (as in nastier, smellier poo), but it ended up not being too awful. Lessons are learned:
1. You can never have too many wipes.
2. I only needed to bring the All-in-One diapers rather than every diaper we own.
3. Don't squeeze the air out of the full wet bag

That's pretty much it. I love cloth diapering and it's not as scary on the road as I anticipated.

Preview of coming attractions: Jarrod's uncle is my new favorite person. He grinds his own grain and has an amazing stash of grains and cool old things. He makes his own butter and cheese. I hope that future posts will be of things he teaches me. Too bad he lives 9 hours away or I would be over there all the time!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cloth diapering on the road

So we are gearing up for our first major trip other than moving since our baby bear was born. One thing that has been a major debate is whether or not to cloth diaper while we travel. Ultimately I decided to stick with the cloth for the trip. We'll see if it ends up being a wise decision.
In preparation I did some research on other cloth diaper moms had to say about traveling. Basically their tips were to bring all the diapers you think you will need and then some more. The next step is bringing the washing supplies and stuff to put dirties in. I decided to bring our pail liner and two wet bags. We will be in the car for several hours so we'll see how well these bags keep in the stink. The other major concern is where and how to launder. It's thing to be able to wash in my own laundry room and hang up covers to dry and deal with the odor of hot water on dirty diapers, but either washing in a laundry mat or at someone's house is another story. Thankfully we'll be staying with or near family who will graciously allow us to use their facilities.
So my diaper bags are packed and I am ready for the adventure that surely awaits me. I'll be sure to report back with how cloth diapers to go succeeds.