Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unintended Hiatus

So the last blog post was almost 9 months ago. It was aptly about how two children is more than one. And surprise, surprise life caught up with me. Not only did we slowly adjust to life with a new baby, we learned to live with a two year old. Having a two year old is not for the faint of heart. Every day is a challenge and a blessing often in the same moment. If I could only write all of my adventures....but I shall save that for another day.
The last almost 9 months have been filled with ups and downs and most importantly (drum roll please) homeownership!! Third time apparently is the charm because on our third attempt at the home buying process we succeeded. On a whim we decided to go look at a house and a month later we signed our savings away.
We always wanted a fixer upper and that's exactly what we got. Almost a whole month of work and we finally moved in. There are still some things to be done but we are happy and beginning to find our new normal. Hopefully this will be the end of my hiatus but only time and two little boys will tell.
The Heathcote Homestead