Friday, April 29, 2011

Couponing update

I've been at it for a week and haven't really used my coupons much but I'm getting there. Last week I did some much needed prep work. I searched for or requested the coupon policies of all the stores I shop at including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Harps, and CV's. Wal-Mart had their policy posted online but the other three I had to email to get but they were all quick to respond. From what I have researched one of the most essential parts of couponing is knowing the policies of the stores you frequent.
Armed with that, I set out to do my first super couponing. I opted for the small victory of buying anti-bacterial wipes. Walgreens had a sale for Lysol wipes. Here's the breakdown: Lysol wipes are usually 2/$5, with an in-store coupon they were 2/$3, I had a coupon for -$1/2 and a register rewards coupon for -$3, and I bought all they had in stock (3). After my deductions and coupons I came away with 3 containers for $1.19. Not exactly an extreme coupon moment, but I figure getting 3 for less than the price of one is a good start. I'll keep everyone posted on future successes.
On another budget note, I came in $40 under for my food budget for the month and was able to use that $40 to get a few items for the whole family from Old Navy. Let's hear it for good budgeting!

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